Form Six Secondary School Examination Results for 2017 are Out

The examination results for year 2017 which took place in May this year are officially released on Saturday July 15,2017. Feza Girls has done well by become the first overall best school where all 67 students passed at first and second divisions. On the other hand Marian Boys acquired the second seat while Kisimiri  from Arusha acquired the third place

The general performance in 2017 has dropped by 1.33% compared to that of 2015. 

While announcing the results, the Executive Secretary for NECTA Mr. Charles Msonde said that, regardless of the dropout the quality of the candidates division-wise has improved. 

He added that, 7 schools from Unguja are among the schools with poor performance and placed at 10 position from the bottom.  Among the school are Azania Secondary School from Dar es salaam.
The other schools are Mpendae, Ben bella , Tumekuja, Green Bird Boys, Jang’ombe, Kiembesamaki, Adventist, Ala_ihsan girl, Azania and Lumumba .

The top 10 best schools which performed well are Kisimiri, Feza Boys, Alliance Girls, Feza Girls, Tabora Boys, Marian Boys, Kibaha, Mzumbe, Ilboru and Tandahimba.

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