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Agriculture Training Institute (ATI), Tumbi-Tabora

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The university has the vision to have a training a institute that is capable of offering quality technical training in both agriculture and livestock production and other service to the community in order to fulfill the millennium development Goals .Hence the mission is to produce competent agriculture technicians in agriculture and livestock production who are capable to win competitive lab our market and self employment and also to help the government to achieves the objectives of ASDP to raise annual agriculture productivity of 7% by the year 2015.

Programs Offered
• Animal Nutrition, feed Evaluation and utilisation
• livestock Diseases and meat Inspection
• livestock breeding Management
• production of perennial crops
• small scale irrigation
• Production of seed crops
• Tractor power and farm Machinery
• Farm economics
• small scale Enterprise management
• Agriculture Extension
• Principles of crop and livestock Experimentation

Qualification: Technician certificate in general Agriculture
summary of module –NTA level V
Qualification: Basic technician certificate in general agriculture
summary of module –NTA level IV
Tailor made short courses:
• Agro mechanization mainly on draught animals and its implements
• Agro-processing
• Basic livestock Reproduction
• Principle of crop and livestock production
• Soil fertility improvement e.g. compost making
• livestock feed formulation using locally available materials
• Entrepreneurship
• Horticultural crop production
Outreach program
The institute collaborates with different district councils —-Tabor region to promote adoption of draft animals and farm machinery technologies .method used include farmer field school, farmer field days and demonstration plots
Also MATI TUMBI is center for TSAEE in the western zone which deals with rural development projects lie sustainable energy , tree planting integrated agriculture and climate change


P.O. Box 306

Mobile: 0783-372900/0787-712801/0782-604813