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Ardhi Institute-Tabora

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Ardhi Institute Tabora (ARITA) originated from an in-house training of map draughtsmanship which was conducted by the Ministry of Lands since 1955. From July 1964, the course was formalized and was conducted on six months duration. Lack of sufficient room to conduct the course and the growing need for more technicians in the Lands sector as a result of more land offices being opened at District level compelled the Ministry to expand the training. This resulted in the transfer of the training to Tabora in 1979.

 Programs Offered

Certificate courses

  • Cartography
  • Land Management, Valuation and Registration
  • Graphic, Arts and Printing

Diploma courses

  • Diploma in Cartography


Admission and Applications

(a) For Certificate Courses:
Applicants should have a National Form Four Certificate or its equivalent or higher, with minimum passes in the under mentioned relevant subjects.
Certificate Course in Cartography
1. Geography    C
2. Maths    D
3. Physics    D
4. English    D

Certificate Course in Land Management, Valuation and Registration
1. History    C
2. Maths    D
3. English    C
4. Geography    D

Certificate Course in Graphic Arts and Printing
1. Chemistry    C
2. Maths    D
3. English    D
4. Physics    D

b) For Diploma Course:
Diploma Course in Cartography
Category A:
Applicants should have a National Form Six Certificate or its equivalent with at least one Principal pass and two subsidiaries in:
1. Geography
2. Maths
3. Physics
4. Chemistry
5. Economics
Category B:
Applicants should have Certificates in fields of Cartography, Graphic Arts & Printing, Land Surveying, Photogrammetry, Photolithography, and other technical certificates; all at 2nd Upper Level from recognised Technical Institutes