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Arusha Journalism Training College - Arusha

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Arusha Journalism Training College, Arusha, REG/PWF/045P, Private institution with provisional registration, Arusha,

Arusha Journalism Training College is a registered college which provides quality and professional educational programs in the level of advanced certificates and ordinary diploma in Journalism and enterpreneurship.

AJTC was established on 9th september 2005 and incorporated under company law as education company registered by NACTE.

The college is located at Mbauda-kwa Mrombo area opposite Field Force Unity (FFU), 50 metres from FFU mini bus stop along the Oljoro road, it is about 6kilometres from the Arusha main bus station or 20 minutes drive.The college can be reached on variable costs by tax, motorcycle, public transports(daladala) or by using private transport.
For assurance you can contact the administration.

The mission of Arusha Journalism Training College (AJTC) is to provide high quality education in the field of the Media studies, International relations and business management with significance focus on Journalism and Broadcasting
The Vision is growing up into the university widely recognized for its delivery of superior education combined
with entrepreneurship mentality, for the benefit of its students and other stakeholders.

Programs Offered

  • Diploma in Cartography

Advanced certificates in Journalism

It is the one year course Preparing a student for Ordinary diploma in Journalism
The Courses to cover for this one year course are shown on academics

Diploma in Journalism

This is the two years course that rpovide a student with proffesional knowledge in Journalism.
The courses to cover this program is also under academic contents.

Short course in Computer Application

The course is designed to meet the need of need of computer literacy especially form four leavers while they are waiting for examination results
The course covers, Introduction to computers, Windows operating systems, Ms Word, Ms Excel, Powerpoint presentation Internet and Email
Course duration: One Month

Short course in Computer graphics design

The objective of the course is to enable student to design business cards, calendars,invitation cards, bronchures, CD labels and the like.
The programs taught are Ms Publisher, Adobe page maker, photo shop and corel draw.

Course duration Two months

Admission and Applications

Admission requirement

The admission requirement for diploma course in Arusha Journalism Training College

Student applicant must normally have met the general admission standards of Arusha Journalism Training College. In addition an applicant may gain admission by having successfully completed an advanced certificate program in Journalism from a recognized school of Journalism and have earned a certificate of not less than second class or pass with credit.

Terms of Admission

A candidate is admitted to Arusha Journalism Training College, on the understanding that in accepting the admission he/she commits him/herself to adhere to its charter, statutes ordinance, regulations, rules and by laws as they are promuglated form time to time

    Download application form here.