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Community Development Training Institute-Ruaha, Iringa

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The Institute offers Certificate in Community Development Course NTA Level 4 and NTA Level 5 for 2 years.The specific objectives of these courses include but not limited to; provision of professional training in community development, facilitation approaches and strategies as well as enabling candidates to appreciate, cherish and apply advanced participatory community development methods and techniques in community development work.

Programs Offered

Certificate in Community Development Course NTA Level 4 and NTA Level 5 for 2 years.

Admission and Applications

Admission Requirement for Certificate in Community Development
The minimum admission requirement for the certificate is based on the standards set by NACTE. In this respect eligible candidates should have the following entry qualifications:
– Holders of certificate competence level III (NVTA Level 3) and/or
– Form four certificate holders with four credit passes in any relevant subjects

Admission of Transferred Students To Certificate in Community Development at this Institute
Students from other CDTI are who wish to join at Ruaha CDTI for respective awards should apply to the coordinator of studies through their respective Institutes administration. Each transferred student shall be required to pay fees prior to registration

The center admits trainees of any race, colour, sex, or ethnic Background and any disabled person. The rights and Privileges, programs, and activities are generally accorded or made available to all trainees without any form of Discrimination. However, it is recommended that the successful Applicants should seek the assistance of students’ counselors on admission.

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