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Joshua School Arusha (JSA)

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JSA is a Christian school providing quality education to underprivileged Tanzanian children as well as serving as a model school for both the Joshua Teachers Training College and teachers from government and private schools.

Joshua School Arusha (JSA) was set up in 2008 in response to the need for a school that models affordable, quality Christian education. Two Kiwis, Alan and Lynda Stephenson, saw the value of a holistic model of education that equips children with the tools needed to be creative and critical thinkers as opposed to a traditional model of rote learning. A values based curriculum has been implemented, giving students tools for life, not just knowledge. Class sizes are smaller than the norm, with a maximum of 30 children enabling teachers to engage with and value each child . Children are taught in English, which is needed for secondary level education.