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Ruvu Girls High School

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Ruvu Girls High School is a public secondary school which has clear vision and mission to offer in education in Tanzania.The school vision is to nurture female youth to become instruments of positive change in Tanzania society.While the mission is to provide a high and proper quality education suitable for young Tanzania girls to become future responsible actors and contributors to the national development.The school is located at Pwani region in Kibaha district at Mlandizi ward.The school is adjacent at Morogoro road.

Programs Offered

The school offers both Arts and Science subjects in the following combinations.

  1. History, Kiswahili, and English (HKL)
  2. History, Geography and Kiswahili (HGK)
  3. History, Geography and English (HGL)
  4. Chemistry, Biology and Geography (CBG)
  5. Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture (CBA)
  6. Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB)
  7. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM)