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Sokoine University of Agriculture-SUA

Location: Sokoine University of Agriculture, P.O. Box 3000,Morogoro, Tanzania Hotline #: +255232604652
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University Summary Country:Tanzania Founded in: 1965 Gained University Status in: 1984 Full name: Sokoine University of Agriculture Acronym: SUA Region: Morogoro Former name: Faculty of Agriculture, U
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Tel #+255232604652
Distance: 4,246 Kilometers

Sokoine University of Agriculture-SUA Description

University Summary


Founded in: 1965

Gained University Status in: 1984

Full name: Sokoine University of Agriculture

Acronym: SUA

Region: Morogoro

Former name: Faculty of Agriculture, UDSM
The history of Sokoine University of Agriculture dates back to 1965 when it started as an Agricultural College offering diploma training in the discipline of agriculture.

After the dissolution of the University of East Africa and the consequent establishment of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) in July 1970, the College was transformed into a Faculty of Agriculture of University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM) and thereby started offering Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

In 1974, the Division of Forestry was established and hence the faculty was named Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The introduction of Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 1976 and the establishment of the Division of Veterinary Science, the Faculty was re-named “Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Sciences”.

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Type of Institution-Public
Programs/Subjects Offered

Programmes Offered at SUA

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) offer various Courses and Programmes that lead to Certificate,Diploma,Bachelor Degrees,Master Degrees and PhD qualifications as follows;

College of Agriculture
1.BSc.Applied Agricultural Extension - Duration 3 years
2.BSc.Agriculture General - Duration 3 years
3.BSc.Agricultural Engineering - Duration 4 years
4.BSc.Agronomy - Duration 3 years
5.BSc.Animal Science - Duration 3 years
6.BSc.Aquaculture - Duration 3 years
7.BSc.Family and Consumer Studies - Duration 3 years
8.BSc.Food Science and Technology - Duration 3 years
9.BSc.Human Nutrition - Duration 3 years
10.BSc.Bioprocessing and Postharvest Engineering - Duration 4 years
11.BSc.Horticulture - Duration 3 years
12.BSc.Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering - Duration 4 years
13.BSc.Range Management - Duration 3 years
14.Bachelor of Community Development - Duration 3 years

College of Social Science and Humanities
15.Bachelor Rural Development - Duration 3 years

Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT)
16.Certificate In Information Technology - Duration 1 year
17.Diploma in Information Technology - Duration 2 years

College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences
18.BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science - Duration 3 years
19.Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine - Duration 5 years
20.Diploma in Tropical Animal Health and Production - Duration 2 years
21.Diploma in Laboratory Technology - Duration 2 years

Sokoine National Agriculture Library
22.Diploma in Information and Library Science - Duration 2 years
23.Diploma in Records, Archives and Information Management - Duration 2 years

College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism
24.Bachelor of Tourism Management - Duration 3 years
25.BSc. Forestry - Duration 3 years
26.BSc. Wildlife Management - Duration 3 years

Faculty of Science
27.BSc. with Education (Agriculture Science and Biology) - Duration 3 years
28.BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology) - Duration 3 years
29.BSc. with Education (Chemistry & Mathematics) - Duration 3 years
30.BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology) - Duration 3 years
31.BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics) - Duration 3 years
32.BSc. with Education (Informatics and Mathematics) - Duration 3 years
33.BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management - Duration 3 years
34.BSc. Informatics - Duration 3 years

School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies
35.BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness - Duration 3 years

School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies
1.Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics (PDAE) – One year

Faculty of Science
2.Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PDE) – One year for Science teachers

College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism
3.Postgraduate Diploma in Result Based Monitaring & Evaluation Techniques (PGD CRBM & ET) - One year

School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies
1.Master of Business Administration - MBA (Agribusiness) (MBA)
This is a 18 months fulltime programme conducted by course work and an internship leading to examinable Research paper.

2.Master of Business Administration - MBA (Agribusiness) - Evening Programme (MBB)
(This is a Part time programme for a period of 24 months. Teaching times are: 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm for week days and 8.30 am to 12.30 pm for Saturdays).

3.MSc. Agricultural and Applied Economics (MAA)
4.MSc. Agricultural Economics (MEC)

College of Agriculture
5.MSc. Crop Science (MCS)
6.MSc. Agricultural Education & Extension (MEE)
7.MSc. Agricultural Engineering (MAE)
8.MSc. Irrigation Engineering and Management (MIE)
9.MSc. Land Use Planning and Management (MLM)
10.MSc. Post-harvest Technology and Management (PTM)
11.MSc. Soil Science and Land Management (MSS)
12.MSc. Tropical Animal Production (MTAP)
13.MSc. Food Science (MFS)
14.MSc. Human Nutrition (MHN)
15.MSc. Food Quality and Safety Assurance (MFQ)
16.MSc. Agricultural Statistics (MAS)
(The programme is offerred in collaboration with the Eastern Africa Staistical Training Centre (EASTC). Registered students are hosted by the EASTC in Dar es Salaam)

College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism
17.MSc. Forestry (MFO)
18.MSc. Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Agriculture (MNRSA)
19.MSc. Wildlife Management (MWCM)
20.MSc. Ecosystems Science and Management (MES)
21.MSc. Agroforestry (MAF)
22.MSc. Forest Resources Assessment and Management (MFA)
23.MSc. Forest Products and Technology (MFP)
24.MSc. Environmental and Natural Resources Economics (MEN)
25.MSc. Forest Engineering (MFE)

College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences
26.MSc. Anatomy (MNT)
27.MSc. Applied Cell Biology (MAB)
28.MSc. Comparative Animal Physiology (MCA)
29.MSc. Biochemistry (MBC)
30.MSc. Clinical Chemistry (MCC)
31.MSc. Pharmacology (MSP)
32.MSc. Applied Toxicology (MAT)
33.MSc. Applied Microbiology (MMB)
34.MSc. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MSBB)
35.MSc. Parasitology (MPA)
36.MSc. Public Health and Food Safety (MPH)
37.MSc. Epidemiology (MSE)
38.MSc. Veterinary Pathology (MVP)
39.MSc. Clinical Pathology (MCP)
40.MSc. Veterinary Surgery (MVS)
41.MSc. Applied Veterinary Anesthesiology (MAVA)
42.MSc. Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology (MARB)
43.MSc. Natural Products Technology and Value Addition (MNP)
44.MSc. Health of Aquatic Resources (MHAR)
45.Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPM)
(This is a 12 months programme by coursework and a limited research assignment leading to production of an examinable research paper )

46.Master of Philosophy (MPL)
(The programme is offered by research only, for two years on full time basis leading to a thesis. Areas of specialization are: Virology, Bacteriology, Mycology, Immunology, Entomology, Helminthology, Protozoology, Molecular biology and Pest Management Science)

College of Social Sciences and Humanities
47.Master of Arts (M.A) Rural Development (MRD)
48.Master of Project Planning Management and Evaluation

Faculty of Science
49.MSc. (Environmental Sciences, Management & Technology)
50.MSc. (Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management) 3

PhD Programmes by Coursework and Research
1.PhD in Soil and Water Management
2.PhD in Agricultural and Rural Innovation

PhD by Research only
PhD degree programmes by research only are offered in all Academic units ( School, Colleges, Faculties and Sokoine National Library).Applications for PhD by research only are received throughout the year and studies can commence at any time of the year once admission is granted.

Application Startdate and Deadline
Mode of Application
Online application
Application via email
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Tel #+255232604652
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Distance: 4,246 Kilometers
AddressSokoine University of Agriculture, P.O. Box 3000,Morogoro, Tanzania

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