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Sun Pre and Primary English Medium School

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Sun Pre and Primary English Medium School was established right from 2007 in Iringa Region at Mwangata ward, It was pioneered  by the director namely CHENGULA NGUVU EDWARD.

Nonetheless, SUN PRE & PRIMARY English Medium School is a private school which is open to all, regardless of their faith or religious affiliation. It does not discriminate on other grounds such as race, ethnicity, gender, disability or caste. The school mission is to create and expand quality of primary education for Tanzania and beyond by offering competitive, demand-driven and community relevant academic with a new to instilling value of integrity, self-respect, respect for others, honesty, truth, a sense of justice, peace and development.Promoting clear, open, critical and independent thinking. Also the school vision is to be a self-sustaining school of excellence in Pre & Primary Education devoted to the advancement, refreshment, dissemination and application of values, knowledge and knowhow for understanding and transforming our nation from within and from where we are.

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