Services and Fees

We use our experienced education experts and consultants in all levels of personal career to advise students based on their individual career vision and ability to achieve it. We do not copy and paste someone experience or formulated list options from the table and give it to the student but rather we use in-depth student interview and formulate unique strategies that will fit in the student career path.

We, at Advisor Network believes on multi-pathways approach and therefore we suggest to students to always take three pathways to realize their career dreams. Everything we advise originate from the student himself/herself and our work through our consultants and experts is to lead the student first to formulate his/her long term career dream and second lead the student to realize what to do in order to make it possible.

Our experts and consultants communicate effectively with local and international students via dedicated online chat-rooms created and configured specifically for this purpose.


  • Free for one time email or chat communication not more than 3 minutes
  • Charged $50 per chat of 15 Minutes
  • Not applicable if a student opts to work with our expert / consultant on the detailed consultation below


The aim of the detailed consultation is to help students set career dream, improve the available one, set the timeline and do the necessary activities step by step until the best institution is obtained with relevant mental and psychological preparation before the start of studies

  1. Set the timeline
  2. Review student past academic record (a maximum of 3 years)
  3. Conduct Personal Interview to develop the real career dream based on interests, skills, and abilities
  4. Select from the pool of universities the multiple best choices for the students
  5. Review the strengths and weaknesses of each selected institution
  6. Preparation for college fairs, visits, and interviews
  7. Conduct fees analysis and comparison based on value for money based on location, facilities, geography and other factors
  8. Present three sets of recommendations of schools or colleges that match student’s criteria for each course of choice
  9. Present to student the final – list of schools or colleges suitable for submitting application
  10. Review the applications and advice accordingly
  11. Advise on post-application issues
  12. Review and recommendations on university, school or college acceptances and aid offers for the student.
  13. Special reviews and recommendations on university, school or college partial and full scholarship offers for the student.
  14. Mental and Psychological counselling before that start of academic semester

Fee and charges = $500


Price Include

The price include all activities mention in the detailed consultation section

Price Exclude

  • Price does not include any activity which is not mentioned in the detailed consultation section
  • It does not include commercial based communication and tools services for handicapped